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Álvaro de Campos’ poems stand for the apotheosis of Pessoan anguish. His poems reflect an existentially anguished seek for meaning.

Campos anthropomorphizes two battling polar sides of your author: the desperation for passion and a spotlight; and his desire for shutting from the globe stemming from a feeling of nothingness that wishes to become one thing – each feelings of want

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Esse trecho é importante porque fala do estado de espírito do sujeito, da sua autoimagem, da sua autoestima e de como se conhecia tão bem a ponto de evidenciar com tanta precisão as suas falhas de vehicleáter e de personalidade.

There are actually references to death, fate, and also the inevitability of existence's troubles and uncertainties. The imagery of "umidade nas paredes e cabelos brancos nos homens" (humidity over the walls and white hair on Adult men) implies the passage of time and the decay that accompanies it.

Um dos poucos momentos otimistas do poema, onde o sujeito esboça alguma alegria, acontece quando ele vê da sua janela uma menininha comendo sweets alheia aos problemas existenciais dos adultos.

The speaker acknowledges their deficiency of goal or defined identification but asserts that inside of them resides "todos os tabacaria delivery em juiz de fora sonhos do mundo" (all of the goals of the globe), suggesting that Regardless of their inner thoughts of emptiness, they even now possess a limitless creativeness and capacity for dreaming.

O sujeito ainda tenta embarcar no caminho da felicidade inaugurado pela pequena, mas rapidamente volta ao seu estado inicial de tristeza emblem ao tirar o papel de prata, que constata ser de estanho.

"Tabacaria" by Fernando Pessoa is usually a deeply introspective and existential poem that reflects within the human affliction along with the search for which means in life.

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His poems really feel as real as the store, or at the least are an try to go into contact with such a truth. Near the finish, he compares his writings towards the store’s signal – a label to a real detail all need to have.

One of the poet’s consistent preoccupations is the fact that of identification: he doesn't know who he is. The condition, it seems, will not be that he doesn’t know what to get; Quite the opposite: he desires to be an excessive amount, every thing; wanting attaining this he despairs.

Campos was the most significant of Pessoa’s heteronyms plus the a person closest to his correct heart and particular person."

The track serves as a reflection on the limitations from the human situation and the wrestle to seek out significance within an typically perplexing and transient planet.

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